9th February 2018

What's your topping ? Pancake day ideas !

What's your topping? Banana & Honey, Lemon & Sugar, Chocolate, Cheese...

If you're undecided what you're doing this Pancake Day , here's what's happening locally ! 

Canna Collective offers Pancakes & Prosecco! In partnership with Cathederal 73  this event offers the chance to mingle with Pontcanna & Canton friends & neighbours. Considering moving to the area? Pop along and ask the locals what it's like living here.  Bring the family along! £10/£7 non alcoholic beverages. 

 La Crêperie de Claudie is a family-owned authentic French restaurant in the heart of Cardiff. Offering  a wide range of Crepes and Gallettes (Savoury pancakes) at reasonable price !  They also offer gluten free alternatives of their home-made batter. Although not normally open on Tuesdays, they will be open on Shrove Tuesday - so pop along and tuck in ! 

And here's some suggestions for the rest of Cardiff. 

Grab a stack of pancakes and a glass of prosecco for £10 at Society Standard, available all day on Tuesday 28. Choose from greek yogurt with a homemade berry compote or streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Buffalo will be serving unlimited pancakes between 12pm and 9pm for just £5.45 on Tuesday. They have even created a Facebook group for the occasion. 

Garlands will expand their pancake menu, which includes pulled pork (above) on Tuesday. Options will include Strawberries and chocolate and lemon and sugar. All pancakes are gluten free for all to enjoy and made fresh daily.

At Crepe Affaire. Choose from a range of sweet and savoury options, including Mexican chicken and Mary Berry flavours, or even the chance to design your own. Prices range from £3.55-£7!  

Bills are making the most of the big day by extending it to a whole week. Choose from lemon cheesecake, banana split and salted caramel between Monday 20 and Tuesday 28 this week.

Barker Tea House has one of the most lavish pancake stacks in the city. Add blueberries, banana, or bacon and maple syrup to experience what Barker does best.


For those not wanting to go out for your pancakes, here's some inspiration to upgrade your pancakes this Tuesday by BBC Good Food 


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